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The Facebook game has been drawn

We hit a game on Facebook. People were asked to tell us what their favorite Roald Dahl book is. Suffice it to say, the turnout was great. The occasion was the premiere of the blockbuster The Witches in Iceland.

It was not surprising that Matthildur was the most popular among the participants, since it was not long ago that tens of thousands of Icelanders saw Matthildu on the stage of the Borgerleichús.

However, it was pleasing how many of Roald Dahl's books were mentioned. Some of them have not yet been translated into Icelandic, but the number of books that are Icelandic is increasing. Among the books mentioned as favorite books were the wise fox, the witches, the giant crocodile, Georg and the great potion, BFG, Twist and Basta, and the book about Calla who went to the chocolate maker.

The winners drawn yesterday are:

Vilborg Sævarsdóttir – favorite book is Matthildur and she also mentioned the book about Kalla who went into chocolate making.

Hjördís Lára Hreinsdóttir – her favorite book is Georg and the amazing potion.

Árdís Ýr Pétursdóttir – favorite book is Matthildur.

It should be noted that even though all the winners are women, just under a quarter of the participants were men.

Every book publisher thanks everyone for their participation and hopes that as many people as possible will go to the cinema to see The Witches.


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