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Cold trail

Kaldaslóð is the debut of the journalist couple Kim Faber and Janniar Pedersen in the field of crime stories, and it is safe to say that it was a hit. A bestseller chosen by the Danish Academy of Criminal Justice as the best debut of 2020.

Everyone in the Danish police knows who Martin Junckersen is. One of the most experienced and best detectives in the country, well married, father of two children. But Juncker has caught on and stepped aside. He has been transferred for work and now lives in a small sleepy rural village in South-East Zealand. He has been assigned to run a new police station in the village and also plans to use the time to care for his elderly, demented father. This shouldn't lead to a major conflict, but sooner or later he gets a massive murder case brought to his table. A man is found dead and his wife is missing. No one has been hurt, no evidence has been found and there appears to be no apparent motive for the murder.

Juncker's former partner in the Copenhagen law enforcement agency, Signe Kristiansen, is still in her old job in Copenhagen. She is looking forward to a quiet and pleasant Christmas with her family, but everything changes when a powerful bomb explodes at the Christmas market in the center of Copenhagen. Signe is one of those leading the search for the bombers, but there are few clues and the trail seems cold - until she receives a tip that directs the case in a direction that she would not have even thought of in her wildest dreams.


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