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Juncker is back

Meansemd is the second book in the book series about policeman Juncker. He is still in Sandsted tormented by nightmares following his father's death. When the town's lawyer is found murdered in the town's public park, he is drawn into an extensive investigation that includes threads to his own past.

In Copenhagen, his wife Charlotte, who is a journalist, receives an anonymous tip: the horrific terrorist attack in Copenhagen could have been prevented six months earlier. Charlotte confronts Juncker, who was involved in the investigation into the terrorist attack, but he flatly denies any such involvement. He fears for his life, and Charlotte begins to stick her nose into the matter.

Signe, Juncker's old partner in the Copenhagen police is more willing to help the journalist but has many angles to look at. Her marriage has fallen apart and she is still obsessed with revenge against the man who raped her. When a connection between the terrorist case and a body found in Kongelunden is revealed, Signe gives up on everything and plunges into the deep pool in search of the truth.

The journalist couple Kim Faber and Janni Pedersen made a big splash with their first novel, Kölduslóð (d. Vinterland) and Meinsemd (d. Satans sommer) is the second book in the series and no less.


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