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The wonderful Matthildur!

Today is Children's Book Day. Today, Fréttablaðinn publishes a book review about the book Matthildi by Roald Dahl, translated by Sólveigar Sifjar Hreiðarsdóttir. Kolbrún Bergþórsdóttir gives Matthilda five stars and speaks highly of this fun and extremely important children's book, which describes how Matthildur, the quick-witted and resourceful girl, who lives with her parents' lack of love and lack of culture, teaches herself to read at the age of three with the good help of a librarian and starts school.

At school, Matthildur will have the good fortune to be under the tutelage of Una, who is her supervisor. Together they stand Matthildur and Una and the story of Unuhús is told. They face the fearsome, strong and evil Krýsa, who is a school principal and has a lot of dirty things on her conscience, and it turns out that Mathildur has unique powers.

Five stars for Matthildi on Children's Book Day! Matthildur, which is at the top of Pennans Eymundsson's bestseller list, is available in Pennans Eymundsson stores.


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