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Constant movement in the book...exciting and driving...comic and fun interactions

Lestrarkelfinn has published a review of the youth book Úlagarnir Scarlett & Browne and has good words about the book and the translation.

"Scarlett and Browne is an escape story. Both of them are on the run from something and throughout the story they have to rush from place to place and overcome the most incredible situations, constantly in danger. As a result, there is constant movement in the book, it is exciting and driving. However, Stroud gives the reader a break from time to time to get their bearings, breathe and piece together the information that has been revealed about the lives of Scarlett and Browne. They are very complex characters. The communication between them is so often at times very comical and fun, so between descriptions of violence and gunfights you can often laugh a little."

It is stated that the author, Jonathan Stroud, has made a breakthrough abroad with the series about Lockwood & Co, for which Kver has secured the publication rights in Iceland, and the translation of the book was highly praised: "Sólveig Sif Hreiðarsdóttir translated Scarlett and Browne and succeeded with great success to deliver this broken England to Icelandic readers."

"The Exiles Scarlett and Browne is a book that takes the reader on a wild escape into a strange and broken England, where monsters and witches are everywhere and even where you least expect them. The end of the book strongly indicated that this is the beginning of a new series of books."


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