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Four stars for Twist and Bastu!

The reading room discussed recently about Twist and Baste by Roald Dahl. Suffice it to say, the book received excellent reviews and four stars. Like most of Roald Dahl's books, Tvistur og Basta is a real adventure:

"The book is therefore quite typical of Dahl's style, which is adventurously imaginative and cares little for physics and natural laws. It makes the books even more fun – the imagination gets to enjoy itself and you never know what will come next."

"Tvist and Båsta's antics are hilarious, even if they're crazy." You can have a good laugh while reading."

"Sólveigar Sifjar's translation is very impressive and I think the translation of the title of the book - Tvistur og Basta - is an excellent translation of the English title The Twits."

You can read the entire book review here.


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